Lexington Field No Man's Tour

Colorado, Utah, & Idaho

Happy Birthday Bryan!

And now onto Denver, CO!  The tour continues heading to Denver for our 3rd show of No Man’s War tour.  We just had two of the greatest shows and are stoked to have a 2nd show at Scruffy Murphy’s in Denver.  We played there for the first time last year on our Midwest Missile tour.  Today is also the birthday of our lead guitar player, Bryan Hane.  We are celebrating his 33rd birthday here in New Mexico at one of the most amazing Mexican restaurants, El Charro.  I had the best salmon wrap.

This will be a special show because I will see my brother and sister-in-law.  The drive to Colorado was very chill with most of us taking naps and relaxing after two big shows.  Beau took the wheel for this drive.  We took the I-25 North through New Mexico into Colorado.  It was a fairly beautiful drive, but there were some bare spots.

We pulled into the venue and got dressed in the van.  We did not have time to stop in Boulder before the show, which is about 40 minutes away from Denver.  Casey went to get the van and was stopped by the Denver police and handcuffed because the back trailer light was not working.  Casey fixed the light in front of the officer and was let go.  Only our bass player would get into such mischief on the 3rd day of our tour.

The Scruffy Murphy’s show was off the hook.  It was Oktoberfest in Denver so the streets were shut down and the bars were hopping with thousands of people.  The show opened with Delilah’s Revenge, whom we played with last year.  They were amazing and the cello added to their sound.  They really got the party started for us.  There were quite a number of people at the show because of Oktoberfest and they all seemed to love our sound.  By the end of this show, beers were spilled all over us, microphone stands were knocked over, and of course aqua dragon showed up that night.  It was a drunken mess, but quite an epic show.  This was the perfect celebration for Bryan’s 33rd birthday!

Cami, Andrew, & Danielle

My brother, Andrew and Danielle really loved the show and said that we were really tight as a group.  We headed to their place in Boulder and slept for about 3 hours.  We woke up early and headed off to Salt Lake City, Utah for our 4th show of the tour.  I took the drive for this leg of the trip and took I-25 North to I-80 West through Wyoming.  This was a long drive because we were all exhausted so I put on Muse and that helped me through my 6-hour drive.  It was quite a beautiful drive through Colorado, but when we hit Wyoming, it was well…. not so beautiful.  Flat and brown!  Most of the guys slept during this leg of the trip, but Bryan stayed awake as co-pilot.

The Piper Down Pub was quite an epic show last year and since we were playing there on a Sat. night this year, we expected it to be hopping with lots of people.  When we arrived, there were not a lot of people.  In fact, it stayed fairly mellow throughout the night, but the people that were there paid close attention and bought some merchandise.  Our good friend, Reese came to the show and brought a few of his buddies.  Dave, the owner cleared some tables to allow space for dancing in front of the stage.  We energized the crowd to come up to the front and dance with us for our last song.  On to Day 5 of No Man’s War tour!

Beau, Cami, & Willy of Possum Livin’

And so it goes!  We are heading to Boise, Idaho for our 5th show of No Man’s War tour and the final show of the first half of the tour.  This was a shorter drive, but it still felt like we were in the car for a while and we left later than planned.  Walking into Pengilly’s Saloon was very cool.  It looked like an old dinner theater.  The opening band, Possum Livin’ was an amazing bluegrass band.  They bluegrassed up some oldies, MXPX, country songs, and played some of their own.  They were a real treat to play with even though there were very few people at the show.  Those that showed up stayed for the whole show even on a Sunday night.  A couple of the guys from Possum Livin’ stuck around and kept the crowd going!  All in all a great end to the first half of No Man’s War tour.  Ready for a couple days off!