Win the Day Lyrics

I think about the time we were so confused
Priorities in life take backseat to booze
But then the light turned on
And you were standing there
Giving me a choice of hope or despair
This is my moment to shine

I will rise and fight in my way
In my own way
I will finally win the day
I will make you proud in my way
In my own way
I will scream out loud and win the day

I wonder if I’m right to question everything
I need a special someone to break it down to me
Tell me I am wrong
Give me a second chance
To face my inner demons and try to take a stand
This is my moment to shine

To rise above the clouds
Choose faith over pain 
The sun it always shines
But for her it feels like rain 

I’ll give my love to her
With strength in every word
Break from these chains 
Live life for all its worth 

I will find, I will find my way
I will drive through the pounding rain
Time and love is our only way
We will break through this wall of pain

Like a flash before my eyes
The calm before your storm 
I can feel us letting go
Dear sorrow you will find
The truth is always near
And I can see it’s crystal clear

We were off the road
In the middle of nowhere
In the middle of the night
Lost and unprepared
There’s time to be calm
There’s time to freak out
These are the turns life is all about

She told me she was leaving
I turned the other way
There was nothing I could
Do to make her stay
She said things were different
We were meant apart
These are the turns that tear up my heart

Everybody knows
That’s the way life goes
All you have to do is breathe
Everybody knows
That’s the way love goes
All you have to do
All you have to do is breathe

Filling out the forms
Taking all the tests
Trying to do better than the rest
Only time will tell
When you’re facing them
These are the turns you’ll never forget

Alone in my thoughts once again
Anxieties are never the same
Turn up the music to ten
Depression will not win the day

Wake up to the glory of dawn
As the cool air fills my lungs
Take ten thousand steps
Embrace what is next
A new day has just begun

The fog sets down in the field
Coyotes are hunting their prey
This moment feels so surreal
The best way to start my day

Where will I go from here?
Another fork in the road
This time I’ll forge straight ahead
New steps into the unknown

Wake up to the glory of dawn
As the cool air fills my lungs
Take one million steps
Embrace what is next
My new life has now begun

Slow to rise up every morning
The same routine and starting time
Now I’m stuck in mindless traffic
Radio, billboards, and lies
It’s all the same every single day
The quest for more fake paper money

I sit alone and talk to angry people
I solve their problems, but what about mine?
My insecurities and sadness
My anxiety magnified
I want to scream out and tell everyone
I don’t need fake paper money

Back again in mindless traffic
Another passive aggressive drive
Cut off from decency and wreckage
A flowing river of red lights
I just want to be home with them
My wife, my sons, my real life

You can’t imagine
The story of my life

You can’t imagine 
The time that passes us by 

We live in this moment
When it’s all good vibes
The sun is shining 
Each day a new surprise
When tomorrow comes
We feel alive 

Our mothers and fathers
Worked for their whole lives

Lessons they’ve taught me
Shine deep in you

Cast your fears aside
Yes, tomorrow
One breath to feel alive

This is not the end
I promise you
We will meet again
And find our way
Let’s take this turn
And step right through
We will be alive
And win the day