Modern Times Lyrics

I was alone
Only work and my shows
A simple life
That needed to grow
Then I met you
At a party of friends
My loneliness
Would come to an end

I can’t believe that this is now real
I never thought I would find you my dear
I knew from the start
If I opened my heart
We’d rock this love side by side

You made me laugh
Together we cried
This is true love
Til the day that we die
You married me
And gave me a son
How can I be
The luckiest one

We live like kings
Hashtag royalty
Entitled to succeed
We are fearless

They say you only live once
Close your eyes and dive right in
Who needs to be bothered by the consequence?

Ambitious to the core
At least for another month
There’s always one more diluted “get rich” scheme

Praised since we were born
Leveled off to participate
Generations entrenched in technology

Open up your eyes
See this crazy world
Nothing is revolving around you
Don’t believe the lies
Hold on to your dreams
Until then there’s only one thing we can do

Wake up in the morning
But it’s really afternoon
Feeling like you died the night before
It’s time to rally now
The boys will be here soon
Maybe you will make it without falling on the floor

Pass the whiskey
Pass the pints
Let’s have another round and celebrate tonight
The band is playing
Our favorite songs
The Tracy Boys are back and ready for a fight!

Danger follows them
Wherever they may go
Nothing in this world will stop us now
Good times for everyone
Even Johnny and their foes
We’ll stumble down the street and light a fire to this town

Stand tall
Shut down your pride
Brothers, we will unite
At the end of the day
There is nothing left to say
So I’ll tip my cap to you

I remember when we were young
When everything was just for fun
Every memory was a page in our story
I wouldn’t change the games we played
Through all the laughter, love, and pain
When I look back and you were with me

I remember the holidays
The crazy films we used to make
Co-stars for life the way that it should be
Growing up with the hand we’re dealt
Counting on your words to help
Every thought of you will always stay with me

Stand tall
Shut down your pride
Brothers, we will unite
Free fall
Into our lives
Sisters, we will unite
At the end of the day
There is nothing left to say
So I’ll tip my cap
Tip my cap
I will tip my cap to you

They taught you honesty
These rules were meant to be
Held to a standard so they would never break
Until the end of time
Free will should hold the line
Link arms with truth, it’s time to seize the day

Raise your hand
Use your voice
Silence can’t be our only choice
Use your strength
Lift the weak
These present days seem so bleak

Seize the day
Don’t mess around
My dreams fall in sync with modern times
Seize the day
Don’t keep me down
My dreams fall in sync with modern times