No Man’s War Lyrics

I’m not an angel, don’t call me a saint
I am just a face in the crowd
I follow my orders with no complaints
For a nation who stands tall and proud

We wake up at dawn to the sound of the crow
And march on miles on end
We hold up our brothers and we take down our foes
For God, for family, and friends

Walk back to the words of Madison’s road
To the dream of the free and the wise
A path that will lead to stories untold
A future of promise and light

Do we fight for the gold?
Yellow or black
Do we fight for the weak?
Who will never push back

I think that it’s both humble and right
To take the lead from within
And wait for the crow to finish her flight
So freedom can break through again


You said there will be blood
Spilt from all of us
You said that we should run
To the hills and tell no one

You said that we were brave
And soon we’d all be saved
I hung to every word
Fear not that’s all we heard

Hope won’t save your precious life
But a mind without fear just might

You said there will be wealth
Rained down on all of us
You said with all this work
We will gain your trust

Then you stripped it from our hands
Soiled with guilt and grime
You claimed this was your land
And we believed your lies


I woke up to the sun burning, blinding my eyes
A premonition of what happened last night
Too many drinks brought on too many lies
Or was it unspoken truth finally realized

Come on down, let’s revisit this right now
Tell me all about your night out on the town
We were both lost in worlds of discontent
I think it’s time to forgive and repent

No words, no pills can fix my broken heart
I wish I knew this truth from the very start
Life threw me a curve
I must hold until it breaks
So I can wake up from this nightmare or a dream

Come on down, let’s do this one more time
I think I need to tell you what’s on my mind
I’ve got the shakes, you’ve got the crazy eyes
You bring the lust, I’ll bring the fancy ties

The truth is all I seek
How hurtful or unkind
You brought me to the brink
The destruction of my mind


I slept while the fireworks gleamed in their eyes
And the night from the midnight sky paralyzed
Within my bones this anger overtakes me
And I’m pleading with all of my heart

Gunshots ring out like fireworks
Gunshots ring out like fireworks

I will fight hand in hand with you
Together we’ll raise up our flag
I will fight hand in hand with you
Together we will raise up our flag

I watched while they fled to you
Beaten in their homes
If honor wore a crown they’d all be kings
If honor wore a crown they’d die as kings

Together we’ll raise up our flag
Together we’ll fight for our flag
Together we’ll die for our flag


I won’t cry and show my weakness if I ain’t got one
No I can’t cry and let that pain back in again
I won’t lie my pain it’s not forgotten
And the weakness runs deep beneath my skin

Beneath my skin
It drives me insane
Like a fire inside it burns again
Beneath my skin
It drives me insane
Like a strong, dark horse we ride again

And we’ll all ride on to the end
But some of us are never coming back again
And we’ll ride head on into the flames
This is just the start of the rest of our days
The rest of our days


I smoked up my last cigarette, rolled up both my sleeves
I laid down the bottle, I won’t be needing these
These things that cloud my mind
They bring me to my knees
I need a change…for you

I sit around most days haunted by my past
I try to break right through, knowing it won’t last
The tears are building up, my heart is beating fast
I need a change…for you

At night, it’s hard to close my eyes
I’ve got tomorrow weighing heavy on my mind
So I try hard to disguise as if this pain I feel could run away and hide
Just run away and hide

If we are lost my dear old friend
I’ll carry myself across just to find you in the end
If it leads far away, so far away
I will come home…to you

I see tomorrow’s looking better than it does today
My mind is wandering in the best of ways
Spread the word, it’s time for us to celebrate
I’ve got no worries, they’ve all gone away


I used to be the source the brunt of all your jokes
All the good times we had you must be fond of those
If I had just opened my eyes

The stories that I told kept you up so late at night
All the crazy things I did, how they tore you up inside
If I had just opened my eyes

If I could throw em’ back, never to be sober
Listen dear, you and me are over
If I could stumble my way, so happy I’d say
You and me are over

Here’s to you
Oh how I’ve done you wrong
Here’s to me
Here’s to me

Well you sit around and bitch and you waste the day away
I shut my eyes at night hoping to pass away
If I had just opened my eyes

And if you can’t tell from the tone or the anger in my voice
The finger that I gave I waived it out of choice
Now I’m mad
So open your eyes


I’m a hardworking man and I gave up my soul
Gave up my rights, flesh and my bone
Voice is now raw from the time that I’ve spent
Cursing the man from the cold of my tent

The bottle will numb the race in my mind
A new day will dawn the sun doesn’t shine
Never again will I bask in its glow
The darkness my friend, the daylight my foe

I shoot for the top
The ceiling won’t break
The bottom falls out
Resigned to my fate

Backbreaking work, how sour the taste
Bring on the blood, the sweat, and the angst
Fight to the end, hold down the line
Curse of a man who gave up his pride

Taste of these pills are bitter at best
And the hands of the clock never will rest
So bring on the misery, anger, and fear
I’ll take it all on cause my time is here

The years have grown long my time is now short
Judgment won’t come from the man nor the court
I see it come down with heavenly grace
In the brilliant reflection of my children’s face


Don’t call me pioneer
A grossly overstated misconception to all pioneers
I pick up my guitar
And write these stupid songs out of deception to mask my emptiness

But I should go and feel my new surroundings
Where I know I’ll find my solid ground
And I will show the world that I can fight again

I tried to hide my tears
But lost my words instead to a silent, muted pain
The cure for this disease
Was to find my inner song, a bittersweet melody

Maybe time will heal this fall
Into the next chapter of my life
I will open up my heart to this brand new start blessed to me

Don’t call me pioneer


I’ll call a cab, you leave your heart
One by one we’ll count the stars
And we’ll fall into the same old things

Two years have passed, where are we now?
Our play is over and so is the sound
Of the songs that we write and feel

I will love you as you wave goodbye
I will tumble with you the rest of my life

Let’s take a walk as far as we can
Let’s open up these great big plans
And show the world that we’re okay and free

I’ll have a beer and you’ll have the wine
I’ll pay the bill, you’ll take your time
This is a story about a boy and his girl