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Oh, New Mexico

Here it is, day two of No Man’s War tour!  We left Prescott, AZ a few hours ago and are heading to Santa Fe, NM.  After a great first show at Hooligan’s Pub in Prescott, we’re looking forward to our next show.  This will be our first time to Santa Fe so we have no idea what to expect.  I woke up early this morning to take in the amazing windy weather in Prescott and go for a run.  It’s probably been over a week or so since I’ve gone for a run and this was an incredible run around the park and beautiful Prescott.  After my run, I ran in to grab the pathetic continental breakfast of the Econo Lodge and jumped in the van to take off for New Mexico.

Here we are driving to New Mexico and having quite a pleasant drive playing the baby Taylor and banjo.  Beau and AJ have ventured into playing some Steve Earl and writing the newest Lexington Field song.  So look out for it… It may be the next hit!  This is a new style for Lexington Field and I like it, so I think you will too.  The scenery from Prescott to New Mexico is quite beautiful and we went through Flagstaff, one of my favorite places in Arizona.

The town of Santa Fe reminded me a lot of a European town because the streets were so narrow and all the stores and restaurants were close together.  Entering Evangelo’s was quite an epic scene.  There was a jam band setting up to play upstairs while we went down to the underground to set up.  This venue was very cool.  It looked like it came straight out of a movie.  Actually, a scene from Crazy Heart was filmed at this location.  The Underground was quite a different scene though with the red walls, low ceilings built with wood and everyone that entered the venue signed their name on the ceiling.

imageThis show really surprised us because when we arrived there were all of 2-3 people in “The Underground.”  Johnny was very welcoming and helped us set up and sold our merchandise while we played.  To our surprise a whole group of people came downstairs to watch us for a while.  They appeared to be a large group of business executives probably in Santa Fe for a conference.  They all stayed for a majority of our show while the band upstairs took a break.  This was a show that we banged out for 2 hours straight so that we would not lose the crowd that was there.  They all seemed to really enjoy it, evidenced by dancing and having a great time.  This is where I received one of the nicest compliments ever.  As I was playing a solo, a man walked up to me and asked if I knew Lindsey Stirling.  I said “yes” and he told me she had nothing on me.  That was quite nice considering I think Lindsey Stirling is very talented.  This was an incredible end to Day 2 of “No Man’s War” tour.