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War of Man… No!

It is here! I can’t believe we have just completed our second full recording album! We recorded our first full album just 2 years ago as Lexington Field and a 6-song EP in 2012. We have now entered into 2013 and are releasing “No Man’s War.” I have to say that when we first started writing songs for this album, I was not very inspired by it. Our sound was changing and I was not particularly on board with the direction we were moving. However, I do take time to adjust to things changing. The songs began to sound less and less Irish and more punk rock, which is not my favorite genre. I like an eclectic sound, but punk rock is a bit too much. As we continued writing the songs, I found that they were very melodic and fit the rock style more than punk rock. My classical upbringing led me to listen to melody and harmony more than rhythm, although as a music therapist and musician, rhythm became the foundation to all of my work. It definitely has an important element when writing original music. I find it directs the music and lyrics in a fashion that molds each song.

After listening to the full album, my jaw dropped.  I was flabbergasted by the results!  We listened to the album as a band and knew that this was IT!  This is the album that has so much passion, drive, soul, and heartfelt love in it that we will find ourselves on a local radio station, touring in Europe and across the United States, or even playing music festivals across the country.  Most of the songs surprised me because I didn’t think there were so many I liked!  The added harmonies and instrumentation helped me fall in love with every single song on this album.  The part I find so incredibly inspiring about this album, is that every single member of this band had something to do with it.  Often times you find that one or two band members contribute to song writing, but in this case, all five members had something to contribute. We each put our heart and soul into creating this album and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Come on out to our big CD release show tomorrow night at the Belly Up in Solana Beach!  We will be selling our new CD, No Man’s War along with some new merchandise. Come on out and celebrate Memorial Day weekend with Lexington Field and Cash’d Out!!!

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