Lexington Field Midwest Missile Tour

Midwest Missile Tour Day Three: Getting Scruffy in Denver

This tour has been quite an adventure!  After an amazing show at the Piper Down Pub in Salt Lake City, Utah, we headed out to Denver, Colorado.  We have made it to Day three of our Midwest Missile Tour and I haven’t killed all the guys yet J The past few days have been long drives with very little sleep.  We just drove through the long stretch of Wyoming into Colorado with a whole lot of corn, some more corn, and well… alot more corn.  We saw soy beans, which was a nice change from all the corn.  Driving the 80 East out of Salt Lake City was quite boring and there was not much to see.  As we reached Colorado we took the 287 South, which was much more scenic then the 80 East.  We drove through some amazing red rocks, mountains, and hills through Fort Collins, where I received my Neurologic Music Therapy training.  It was a pleasant change from the previous fields of corn all the way through Wyoming.  It was one of the longest drives after our epic show at the Piper Down Pub all due to my having a few drinks and well my body not adjusting to the lack of sleep and uncomfortable sleep in the van.  Since we woke up later than anticipated and hit the road, we did not quite make our goal of getting to Boulder, CO to visit with my brother, sister-in-law, and parents.  We headed straight to the venue, Scruffy Murphy’s and changed for the show.  We were all pretty haggard from all the driving and playing.  It’s amazing how driving and riding in the car can exhaust your system.  Once we arrived and I saw my family, it was all okay!!

Delilah’s Revenge

Scruffy Murphy’s was a great pub and venue.  This was another sizable Irish Pub with a great stage!  The Irish pubs continue to get bigger as we travel East and have much larger stages than those in San Diego.  I really liked the set up of Scruffy Murphy’s with the two rooms and a back patio.  The stage was in the center of everything so everyone could see and hear the show from the other room.  After our show in Salt Lake City, we weren’t sure what to expect from Denver, Colorado, but we were pleasantly surprised by the positive responses from the bar and everyone that was there.  The show started out with Delilah’s Revenge, a Celtic Rock band from Denver, CO.  I didn’t get to see enough of them because I was hurrying around getting ready.  I enjoyed what I did hear of them and the fiddle player was very good.  They were a great opening band for the rockin’ show we put on.  It was another great night of merchandise sales and my family and all of my brother’s friends had a great time!!

Cami’s Family

My brother, Andrew and his wife, Danielle live in Boulder, CO and my parents were visiting after a visit to Alaska to see my sister.  This was the first show that my brother, sister-in-law, and mom have seen!  They were pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed the show.  Andrew said we really brought the crowd to the show and had a lot of energy, which is exactly our goal in our shows.  It was really great to hear especially from Andrew, since he was a violinist too.  And now onto Lincoln, Nebraska!

– Cami Smith

*Side Note:  The Wyoming picture was taken courtesy of AJ running a mile to take it.  We missed the sign and pulled over a half down.  AJ took the camera and just started to run. He ran, he ran, he walked, and then ran some more.  Worth it!
**Side Note 2:  John from Scruffy’s was very welcoming and thanks for having Lexington Field rock the joint!