Dreamers Lyrics

I think I’m feeling high
Really high on life
Like that feeling you get when you kiss for the first time
I’m pretty sure that you feel the same
Even if you still don’t know my name

We’ve got a good thing going
Hope it never ends
Chasing those dreams
Like we’re little kids
I’ll never stop smiling
Got you by my side
I’ll write this crazy love song
And sing it every night

I think I feel it’s time
Put it all on the line
Who cares about reputation when it feels so right
Maybe it’s another lost crusade
Or a love connection ready to be made

It’s a bright blue world outside
Thanking God for life
It’s a bright blue world outside
Live each day in stride

Through the good times
I’ll smile with you
And if the rain comes
I’ll be the one who shelters you
All your energy
Your sweet mystery
I thank those lucky stars

I’ve got this feeling
Feels so good to be
Right here with you
The only place I’ll ever be
Together we will
Shine like wishing stars
And lead those in the dark

It doesn’t matter
If it all went bad
In this bright blue world

Where do I fall in the ranking of mankind?
Somewhere in the middle
I’ve been working hard tonight
Hoping you will notice me
Take a chance and see if this could ever be

All of my life love has kicked me when I’m down
But when I met you I felt I was only guy in town
I’m the lock and you’re my key
Turn loneliness into you and me

You gave me confidence
To be a better man
A type of happiness
They wouldn’t understand
This love won’t end in misery
This love is greater than the sea

Where do you fall in the ranking of mankind?
If I’m the judge you set the bar
Leaving everyone behind
Take my hand and follow me
I will sing to you and get down one knee

Waves wash away endless grains of sand
But not the one destined to be our plan
The one colliding you with me
The one that’s greater than, greater than the sea

I want to move on down to Nashville
Make a name for all to see
I want to live just like a rock star
Bask in fame and harmony

Feel the rhythm of the guitar
Strum away and stomp your feet
Sweet kiss of the violin
Resonates inside of me

Center stage under the spotlight
The crowd is singing every word along with me
I’ll plant my heart down in Nashville
Where my love and I are free

I love my mountain music
Old time tunes with energy
A shot of Tennessee bourbon
Lights a fire inside of me

Grew up in sunny winters
Without a hint of snow
Never stopped from making my way outside
I remember the station wagon
And trips to the beach
Bonfires with friends on Diego nights

From grade school to college
And all the time between
Pretty much my first for everything
Cruising down the 5, 8, or 163
Getting ready for wild Diego nights

I could be anywhere in the world
Nothing will take the place of my home
My life in the west
San Diego
My family, my friends My heart, my home

I’m back in Michigan
Where I can think again
A thousand miles away from the grind
No more calls to get
No more internet
Serenity takes over the mind

I’ll be there
Even if it’s only one week a year
Memories to share
Pass them down the line

Family gathering
Stress unraveling
When all these bright colors fill the sky
Games and broken boats
Somehow we keep afloat
As we tell stories to pass the time

If you can bear pausing your life to breathe
You won’t regret taking your time to feel
Peace and love
And the glory of life and God
Somewhere in Michigan
The sun will set again
On another quiet day of my life

Just sit back, pour a drink
Ease your mind, no need to think
Just watch the world move on right before you
Loosen up, close your eyes
Smile proud, you can’t disguise
How good it feels living life this well

There she was standing there
Soft brown eyes, they caught my stare
One slight kiss sweet like honey
Let’s grow old, raise our kids
Let the memories begin
Live each day forever with you

I don’t mind the rain
Cause I can feel your flame
It’s Burning to keep me warm
Honey I am yours
Honey I am yours

Watch the sun overhead
Feel the moon sweep you off to bed
Just slow down, let it all sink in
How proud I am to hold your hand
Feel your love Knowing I’m your man
I’ll always be right there for you

Moon rises in the east
It’s time to go to sleep
I will tell you a story for your dreams

There once was a man
A grizzly lumberjack
Who lived by himself on top of No Man’s Hill

He was all alone
No one to share his home
Chopping down the trees for a rainy day

At night the town below
Would radiate a glow
And the folks would go to celebrate their peace

But grizzly lumberjack
Had always turned his back
On having friends and joining in the fun

Then one day the rain came pouring down
The massive floods washed away the town
Everyone was left in despair
The lonely lumberjack was the only one who cared

By moonlight he came down
With all the logs he found
And they rebuilt the town, together, home by home

Now grizzly lumberjack
Is always welcomed back
He’ll never, ever be alone anymore

Sun rises in the east
It’s time to wake from sleep
Be good to others and they’ll be good to you

Sometimes we find ourselves
In a world of make believe
A chance to escape
The ugliness we see
So when you feel alone
Just know that I’m with you
Together we can face
The monster in truth

You are my partner in crime
Take a break for story time
Where our adventure begins
Fall asleep, dream big, and do it over again

Imagine a world
A world that you create
Where up can be down
And early can be late
A place where we can go
Forever we will be
In stories and in poems
The greatest of teams

From dawn til dusk
Over twenty years
The focus of my life was only me
The idea that I could be something more
It’s now a reality

You are my angel
You are my blood
The center of my universe
A true gift from above
From now on wherever you may be
My son
You mean the world to me

There’s so much
I want to say to you
Like how to be someone with a dream
If I could tell you to be a better man
Please know you did that for me