Greenwood Lyrics

I want it all, never go for a ride
Headfirst, eyes wide, our worlds collide
All is washed away in the coming tide

My book, my life, my stubborn pride
No ghost is there to write the lines
Turning pages, doing time

Shun the spotlight, live the dream
Embrace the shadow, lose the scene
Lost along the way
A game I never played
It’s not about the fame
Or getting through the day
It’s feeling like there is nothing left to change or give away
So I bid you all farewell
And I’ll see you all in hell

My book, my life, my troubled mind
I blocked the ghost from telling lies
I have it all, I missed Sent from my iPhone
I’m ready now, I know the signs
I’m, I’m washed away
I’m washed away in the coming tide

I see the lights
As I sit darkness
It seems so black and white
I want to get away
But I’m stuck in this Stepford kind of life

I want to see the world
It starts in the city
How can I break the chain
Release my inner plan
But I’m stuck in suburban kind of life

I believe I should begin
Get up and wash away
This counterfeit intended for me
I believe that it is time
Hitchhike to the lights
And leave behind my sanity

fight to pick a side
It doesn’t even matter
I guess it’s up to me
To open up the wound
But I’m stuck in this cookie cutter life

When the lion sleeps at night
The children go to play
They catch the fireflies
Watch night turn to day

They sing to the skies
They believe the lies
They deserve the truth
It is time to come clean

They pass the rumors around
Around, round, round
They whisper through the town
The heartless, wicked town
They’ll never keep them down
Down, down, down until they die

They believe the lies
They deserve the truth
Soon they’ll find out
It is time to come clean

Four score and seven years
The scars cut deep
They told us we would win
As mothers weep
This war has broken us
In purse and blood
This war has chosen us
But should we run?

No man has died in vain
So bombs still fall
Nations conceived in pain
We heed their call
This war will never end
Our peace is gone
This war will be our end
Just lines in a song

Mothers and daughters
Don’t forget me
I won’t forget you when I’m on the line
I follow orders
Way too blindly
I put my country ahead of my life
We must not hallow this ground
We must stand up for what is right

A thousand years have passed
We’re still the same
We cut down innocent
For power and fame
Nothing will change my friends
As war drags on
But you are not my friends
Just lines in a song

Hold on, we’re on the way
At least that’s what they say
The struggle is at both ends
Tomorrow we’ll just pretend

Have myself a half bottle of whiskey and a head full of evil thoughts
I packed myself a pistol and I headed on down the block
Head is pounding, and it just won’t stop, but I know how to make it quit
Another bag of marching powder should just about, just about to do the trick

I sauntered down to my local bar but they wouldn’t let me in
The story goes I fought the bouncer, which explains my bloody chin
Undeterred I wandered off to find another drinking spot
Upon arriving, this is what, this is what I saw

Five frat boys looking for a fight
Three pretty ladies dancing
Two bad thugs at the bar
Looking hard as a nail in a casket

Target rich environment
For the man packing all seven deadly sins
Target rich environment
Wherever you turn, let the games begin
Target rich environment
For the man packing all seven deadly sins
Target rich environment

Going quail hunting
Gonna find ourselves some quail
We’re going quail hunting
Gonna dig ourselves a well

He’s gonna build a church
It will save us all from Hell
He’s gonna build a church
But that church, that church won’t dry the well

It will rain down
It will shower us with wealth
It’s gonna pour down
It will cover us in filth

We’re going quail hunting
Gonna shoot ourselves some quail
We’re going quail hunting
But our land, our land is not for sale

I see the smoke stacks from fifteen miles away
Burning like the devil on a preacher’s holiday

He walks a cliche of a lonely, dark road
To an end that is too much bear
He prays to a God that he cannot see
His faith is up in the air

He lands on the edge and stares at the sea
Should he leap to his end?
Deserted by love, depressed and alone
Abandoned by his only friends

Turn away you poor broken soul
Turn away

Turn away, turn away
You poor broken soul
Do you see the light down the road?
Have a seat, have a drink, don’t worry tonight
You call the tavern your home

I don’t have to fight
Just to breathe you in tonight

It was the first time that I held you in my hands, it seemed so right
It was the first time that we circled round to try out this new high

We stared into the burning light and pushed our thoughts away
A perfect form of clarity was missing from our day

Jane, you clever girl
You take me to a place I’ve never seen
A world unknown
Let’s come back down, and do this one more time

Jane, show me the way
Guide me through this crazy so called life
Don’t let me down
Clear my head and really waste my time
Clear my head and really waste my time

It was raining
Raining cats and dogs
I ain’t complainin’
I got my woolen socks
I found some whiskey
Down in the den I started drinkin’
Drinkin’ away my sins

Goodbye to my sober, honest ways
Fool me twice, now I deserve the blame

It was pourin
Pourin out the jar, I couldn’t see
See through all this fog
But I don’t mind
Drink till it’s dry
I tell the truth
Even when I lie

Get me all liquored up
so I can fall asleep
with the dark night
watching over me
Gonna light one up
like a neon sign
And by morning
I’m sure
I will be just fine

I can taste
Your bittersweet revival
it compels me to you
I won’t waste this bottomless reminder
So I will take this shot for you

I can hear the thunder
Pounding thru my brain
And I’m shaking like I’ve gone insane
Just need a little pit stop
And I’ll be on my way
Riding that dragon in his fire breathing way