Old Dirt Road Lyrics

Why would you want to come home?
Don’t you see our tears have run dry?
You’ve lost it all again
I can tell by your eyes

Tried to talk sense
Tried to mend this broken fence
But you, you didn’t care
You haven’t won a single race
Still hold on just in case that you will be there

The table will be empty tonight
We will have to sleep in the cold
As you sit there and waste away
If you only knew how to fold

I guess you’re gonna have to choose
It’s only us that you will lose
Now tell me if you think that’s fair


A call to arms
The word is spreading
It’s time to volunteer
A world worth saving
It’s time to face our fears

A call to arms
The boys are ready
They fall right into line
Our friends and brothers
As we prepare to fight

Shove off the pier you scrappers
As our loved ones wave goodbye
Remember the reason why we all must survive
To ride the waves of glory
Through our blood and our pain
In hopes to return to the shores of Maine, the shores of Maine

The sun was blazing
It seemed forever
That we had been to sea
And they surrendered
And now we can be free


The weeks turn to years with the bombs bursting in the air
A modern day tragedy where no one seems to care
Just know I am thinking of you
I’m afraid to give you the truth

If not today, I’ll write you soon
Don’t worry, I will be back
Look up beyond the clouds so high
We’ll meet right there in the sky
We’ll meet right there in the sky

Everyday I’m here I question my sanity
Where is the promise of life?
Give it back to me!
Remember I’m fighting for you
In hopes of finding the truth

I will come back to you
My spirit lives on for the truth


Don’t read the forecast
It may bring you down
Just find some shelter and listen to the sound
Of the pounding rain and the thunder oh so loud
Can’t you hear that rain?
Where is the sunshine?

I need you around
To lift my weary head when I am feeling down
And in your safety, I will try
To rest my weathered heart
To rest my weathered heart

Let’s take the back roads
Run far away from here
Where the sun is shining, the sky is always clear
And we’ll watch as the days go by
Without a worry
Without a worry


Cry myself to sleep at night
Wake up with my heart broken
Dreamt of you so violently
Had it all at my feet
Life was so complete
All I wanted was you to feel the same

There are mountains to climb
Rivers to cross
Bleed out the tears and handle the pain
Take a drink for the damnation of poor wandering souls
Fill with iron these holes in our hearts, holes in our hearts

Flip the page and change a chapter
Write a book and make it stronger
In a year we’ll stop and look back
Raise your glasses to your lips
Had it all at your fingertips

All I wanted was to drink away the pain
I’ve made my mistakes. I know what it takes, what it takes


Time flies by so fast
It’s hard to stop and think
With all these peaks and valley, and all the sand that lets us sink
One thing’s for sure
I won’t give up on my end to be a fighter, be a fighter

I don’t mind traveling down that old dirt road again
Cause I’ve got time to waste to go back where it all began
Though some might say I’m holding on, I‘m holding on too long
Well,don‘t you mind. Just don’t you mind

I feel so wasted
Maybe time can make it right
Set the stage for a comeback
Set the stage for a fight
The best defense I can put up on my end is to be a fighter, be a fighter


The boys are getting ready
It’s that time of year
They’re all singing shanties and headed to the pier
The girls are back at home
They’re weeping, they’re crying all the time
It’s time to hunt the sea and put it on the line

I’m falling down, I’m falling down for you
I’m sinking down, I’m sinking down for you
I’m chasing down the fathoms of the ocean
I’m chasing down the fathoms of the ocean


Close the shops and lock the doors as the sun is fading down
To the pub where drinks are poured and light up all the town
From the alley comes a gang that strikes the living fear
They push the weak, kiss the girls, never pay for beer

Call the police
I’m not leaving
I’m here to stay
The Tracy boys smell blood tonight
So you better get out of their way. 1-2-3…FIGHT!

Some say they own city hall and even Mayor Tom
They slam their foes against the wall and you pray it won’t last long
The Tracy boys are tough as nails and they’re ready for a fight
So forget the girls, the front row seat, and pretty much the night


Left her pictures on the wall
And they hid their pain
But if it’s the same
Then I’m to blame, then I’m to blame
And they won’t understand
That in this life or the next
It’ll all be okay
Yeah someday, it’ll be okay

So it was her time
And the angels carried her away
To a better place beneath God’s grace
Just a better place
Yes, it was her time
But the memories will never die
So save some space for that precious face in your lonely heart

Yes, she’s looking down with a smile
And she’s giving us hope. Yeah, she’s given us hope