Lexington Field Midwest Missile Tour

Midwest Missile Tour Day Four: Corn

Arapahoe = Field

Ok, now I have to say the feat we pulled off on Day Four was challenging.  We had two shows in Lincoln, first one starting at 5 pm and we were eight hours away….go!  We stayed the night in Boulder with Cami’s family who was very gracious for letting us crash there!  That night my voice was hurting, three back to back multiple hour shows will do it,  I tried tea, throat spray, anti-inflammatories, nothing was helping, at the end though AJ saved my life and almost quit and walked home to get the Baby Taylor.  So the insanity started at 6 in the AM and we said goodbye to Cami’s family and hit the road to Lincoln.

Now this drive from Denver to Lincoln can be summed up by one word: corn.  All we saw was corn.  Just when we thought we got a break with soybeans, we looked on the other side of the freeway and MORE corn!  Corn, corn, corn!!!  Finally we showed up to Lincoln just in time for the first show at Duffy’s Tavern.  We had two shows booked, one all-ages, one 21+.  Problem was only one of the bands showed up from the first show, these really cool bluegrass rockers On Approach from Lincoln.  Also there was one of my best friends Josh.  His band the Hoo Doo Buzzards, him and Nick, had their bass player bail so AJ filled in for their set, how cool is that???  I haven’t seen Josh since his wedding five years ago and his brother Aaron came to the show too, so this was a special stop on the tour for me.

So, because of the situation, we combined both shows and made sure On Approach played before nine.   Got some bomb gyros for dinner and back to Duffy’s.  Once again, a very cool venue.  High ceilings, great sound and a very chill staff.  On Approach started and they reminded me of a young Old Man Markley.  Next up, Josh took the stage with Hoo Doo Buzzards, playing some classic rock covers.  The first band I ever played in was with Josh, so playing a show with him 15 years later in Nebraska was pretty surreal.  We took the stage next so we could play for our friends who including Josh Follett, who wrote the the lyrics to our song “Selfish Bastard”.  I was glad he got to finally hear the song live!  Next up was Dude Won’t Die, who blew us away!  They put on such a fun show and the best we could describe them as was Tenacious D mixed with Ween.  Dude Won’t Die, Dude Won’t Die, Dude Won’t Die!  Up next was All My Friends Are Stegosauruses, I mean All My Friends Are Tyrannosaurus Rexes, I mean All My Friends Are Dinosaurs  killed it.  They rocked hard, I mean I think Chris, their drummer murdered his snare.  We closed it out for a second set to a lively crowd that included Jim from On Approach singing “If I Ever Leave The World Alive” with us!

I got to see some of my longtime friends, we played with some rad bands, and made brand new friends and fans.  Corn = Mission Accomplished!

– Beau Gray

Zeke sporting some LF swag!