Lexington Field Midwest Missile Tour

Midwest Missile Tour Day Five: A Riot in KC

And the adventure continues!  Driving into Kansas City, MO was mind blowing.  The Missouri River made me think of the old days when the ferry boats were traveling up and down pumping steam and cowboys were playing poker (Maverick the movie with Mel Gibson).  A gas station we stopped by had a huge chalkboard for travelers to sign, so we had to put something there!  When we arrived in KC, Vince, Bryan, A.J. and I picked up some real bbq for the band and the cab driver was crazy.  He took us to a strip club (we didn’t go in) and showed us the porn shop and all we wanted was to eat and never even asked to see those locations.  The hotel room was the best yet, the pool was closed after our show but that didn’t stop us.  We scaled the wall and took a dip.  I can’t recall the time, but it was late.

The bands we played with shredded, Three Dollar Band and Flannigan’s Right Hook.  Shane, the fiddle player for Flannigan’s Right Hook has a rad fiddle and knows how to use his effect pedals.  Cameron the guitar player made his guitar sound like there was a slap bassist playing with them.  They are a 3 piece and don’t need to bother having a bass player.  We made good friends with all the musicians and making new friends is part of the reason we are touring.   The people that showed up loved us and took great care of us.  The Riot Room reminded me of the Casbah and sold San Diego beer (Stone).  This tour has been full of jokes, nonsense, and the time of my life.  I can’t wait to come back to Kansas City.

– Casey Jones