Lexington Field Midwest Missile Tour

The Road Asylum

This was only Day 3!

I have to say that I did not know what to expect when I left on Thursday morning … Actually, I knew it would be a trip filled with absolute nonsense reflective of the times in my life where I was allowed to say the most ridiculous things merely because I was an adolescent nerd unknowingly developing a severe case of raw stupidity and an incredible lack of tact. Casey said it best, we are as good looking as we’re stupid, and my god we have got to be the most juvenile, retarded group of individuals on the planet. Granted, our stupidity has created some extremely memorable moments for all of us. We’re nearing the halfway point and although I feel that we should all be put into asylum, I have grown quite fond of the road. With that being said, the van smells like feet, I am really tired, my throat is sore and I’m constantly craving bullshit gas station food; I suppose Rock and Roll just isn’t as glamorous as it appears at the Hard Rock Cafe. The most amazing part so far is how we haven’t yet killed one another … It just goes to show what a good thing we have going and how our friendships extend further than, let’s face it, some damn good American Fiddle Rock! Right now I’m sitting in the back of the van on our way to Wisconsin … Casey is driving … Pray for me … Please!

– Bryan Hane