Awesome Bands! Beau Knows Show Reviews

Punk Rawk Show

slickshoesIt was a punk rawk show kind of weekend!   I got to see MxPx AND the Ataris on back to back nights.  Its was like 2001 all over again!  I was able to score some last second tickets to the sold out show on Saturday so, my buddy Chris and I made the trek up to Santa Ana to watch MxPx, Five Iron Frenzy, and Slick Shoes rock out at The Observatory.  This was my first time at the venue, and I was very impressed other than it being uncomfortably hot in the room.  The sound was good and the semi circle layout made for a great view throughout the venue.  First up was Slick Shoes.  These guys killed it!  There is a a special bond I have with this band.  My old band Troy’s Bucket got its name from The Goonies as well and we played a show at SOMA with them back in the day that went off the hook.  They play melodic punk, and the crowd ate it up.  They sounded just as good as they did over 10 years ago.

And when I fall asleep your all that I see.
You’re in my thoughts and all of my prayers.
I wish I could mean all that you mean to me.
My angel without wings.

Next up on Saturday, was Five Iron Frenzy.  This was my first time seeing them live and I have to tell you they were a lot of fun to watch.   The best way to describe them is a goofy-ska-punk-Christian band.  They have been around a long too and everyone was dancing and singing along, but me.  I didn’t know the songs and wasn’t in a dancing mood yet, but I digress.  They were a good second band for the show.

mxpxThe main act was MxPx.  Chris and I made our way down to the floor so we could get closer to the action.  I really wanted to feel the intensity of the show.   MxPx was recording the show for a live album/DVD so a boom was hanging over the crowd, but that actually wasn’t to distracting.  MxPx was awesome!  It was Mike, Tom, and Yuri (and Jack on lead guitar).  The old crew back again.  They opened with My Life Story and we were off.  Chris and I were belting out all the songs and the crowd was going nuts!   They played songs off all their albums, especially Life In General (which was a very good thing).  I have a pretty good suspicion that I will end up on the DVD at some point, especially since I made my way all the way to the front for their grand finale “Punk Rawk Show”.   I love this band!  MxPx got me into punk music and I have been following them my whole musical career.  It was a chance to see them rock out with the original lineup, which they don’t do often, so I just had to be at this show.  And they did not disappoint!

The AtarisSo, the MxPx show would be enough for me to get my pop punk fix in for a month, but guess what?  The Ataris were playing the House of Blues on Sunday and rocking out the entire Blue Skies… album!  My pop punk partner in crime met up with me, my wife Amy, and sister Amanda as we went back down memory lane to listen to another one of my favorite bands play one of my favorite albums.  Some of these songs I have never heard live before, so that in itself was awesome.  They killed it!  My friends, and fellow Troy’s Bucket members, Sean and Chino came to the show too to hear one of their favorite albums being played.  Kris Roe even used Sean’s Orange amp for the show!   The Ataris  closed with “In This Diary” off So Long, Astoria which was a fitting way to end this awesome weekend.  Great music and new memories to add to my pop punk bank!