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I Found Some Whiskey

7grandIt was raining
Raining cats and dogs
But I ain’t complainin’
I got my woolen socks
I found some WHISKEY!

Lexington Field is back in action tomorrow at our favorite whiskey bar in San Diego…SEVEN GRAND! We take the stage at 10 PM and will be playing two awesome sets. The first set will be our best fiddle rock covers ranging from Flogging Molly to Johnny Cash.  Then, set two will be a banger, all-original Greenwood set including some songs off No Man’s War too!  We love playing this bar!  It has such a cool vibe and there are always good times to be had.  Friday night, whiskey, and fiddle rock…you can’t go wrong with that my friends. See you at the show!

3054 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92104
10 PM, 21+