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My Shame is True

AlkalineTrio2013It’s been a few albums since Alkaline Trio put out a full length cd that blew my mind . I’ve always been able to find songs on every album they have made that I love but “This Addiction” and ”Agony and Irony” were low points (damnesia).  Some great songs but maybe they should have waited took the good halves of each album and made a good one.  Oh well, too late and they made up for it with this new record.  The first song I hear was the single “I, Pessimist” with some back up vocals from Tim, the front man of Rise Against, and I felt like I did the first time I heard an alk3 song ,something I thought I’d never feel again.  I love every song on this album.  I won’t be skipping any songs on this CD.  Matt, Dan, and Derek do a great job on a record every fan will love.  When they came to town, I went to the show and they played flawlessly with only a few of us able to sing every word to every song.  We wrapped arms around comrades that were blowing vocal chords with excitement and didn’t want it to end. when it did we shook hands, no one left with voice to say goodbye.  Amazing show!   Then, as we arrived, we went off into the night with affirmation that the Trio is back.  Just take a listen.  Buy this album.  Don’t pirate amazing music cause Sir Captain Jones might just toss you off the boat!!!