Lexington Field Midwest Missile Tour

Midwest Missile Tour Day One: Vegas Baby!

Here we are, our Midwest Missile Tour has begun!  It has already been quite an adventure so far.  Bryan and Vince woke up bright and early yesterday morning to pick up the tour van and trailer from Long Beach, CA and headed back to San Diego with tons of traffic no less.  It took us awhile to pack our instruments, merch, food, water, clothes, etc.  We were pleasantly surprised with our van rental.  Plenty of room and the air conditioning works extremely well!  7,000 miles later we might have a different opinion of the van, but as of Day One, we were stoked.  We left a couple hours later than planned, but made it to Rick’s (Beau’s Dad) in Las Vegas, NV in time for a little dip in the pool and some amazing baked chicken wings and grilled corn (including a cake to celebrate the tour)

Vince has been quite the trooper by volunteering to drive the whole trip so far with no sleep before leaving San Diego.  Bryan sitting as the navigator and the rest of us piled in the two back seats.  The van is quite roomy so we each have our own space and I don’t need to be too close to the “stinky boys” 🙂 After some tetris work done by our infamous roadie, AJ, and Vince, we hit the road to start this crazy adventure.  Now I thought it was going to be difficult  riding in a van with 5 guys, but it really was a pleasant drive with the delirium on our drummer due to his lack of sleep.

After our 5  hour drive to Vegas, we had a fabulous dinner at Beau’s Dad’s house  and then headed to our first show, McMullan’s Irish Pub.  McMullan’s is a classic Irish Pub that looks just like it came from Ireland and we were welcomed by friends, family, and fans.  Did we reach out to Isaac?  Absolutely!  We started out with our version of Last of the Mohicans and added some brand new songs to our set list.   We debuted Daniel Plainview Has A Drinking Problem (DPHADP) at McMullan’s and it was a hit.  Also, fans Peggy and Steve came all the way from Orange County to see us and that just meant the world to us!  Look out for that and more on our next album coming out next year!!! It definitely was a great start off show for tour.  Now on to Salt Lake City, Utah 🙂  See you there!

– Cami Smith