Lexington Field

A New Fiddle!

Cami’s New Fiddle!

As did the guitar players in Lexington Field, I have now retired “Australia” from playing shows. I recently bought myself a new fiddle, the Realist! She was debuted at our Hooley’s show in La Mesa recently. What a different sound she makes on stage and not much needs to be adjusted on the PA when I play. I have not completely retired “Australia” since I am a music therapist and violin teacher, she is well used during daytime work hours. She will remain my backup fiddle when we hit the road in August.

Australia has been with me for over 20 years and has been one of the most reliable instruments I have ever played. She was used on both our albums “Old Dirt Road” and “Poor Troubled Life” so you can hear her anytime you listen to Lexington Field. She is my ‘baby’ and I will never give her up, but “New Guinea” will be taking the stage from now on with a bigger, brighter sound! She also has the internal pickup so no more external pickups for this baby. There is something about having a new instrument that just gets my fingers flying!! The sound of this beauty is amazing! The two-tone color makes her quite beautiful. Introducing “New Guinea” and say goodbye to “Australia” in the world of Lexington Field.