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Sir Captain Jones: The Man, The Song, The Legend

Sir Captain Jones

Talk about a once in a life time chance…to be the star of your band’s music video.  Sounds like a joke, right, the lead is the bass player???  But due to my costume advantages (and the song was written about me), I got the part.  If it is even half as funny as it was fun to film it will be a video loved by everyone.  I’ve already heard it being called a classic.

The song was written by our guitar player Bryan, playing something super “Nickelback-y” with rad lyrics and Beau gave him that “WTF” look and we started working on it tucked up in our remote practice space.  Bryan then came up with the intro after a few tough hours, then the song just played itself out.  Cami had built this violin melody that just made me feel like I was in a boat, battling a storm while the kracken was trying to bring down my ship.  If you guys don’t know, Beau and Bryan switched it up, where Beau is on electric ripping a super cool octave riff and Bryan hammers away like Joe Strummer on the acoustic .  The rhythm is driven by Vince’s slammin’ drum making which makes the bass pop.  It was the interlude that made me just love the song.  The melody slowed down putting me in slow motion, I got to get a little funky on the bass and Beau got to palm mute that huge build up which is a big deal for him (he’s always on acoustic and doesn’t get to do cool palm mute riffs).  Then we jammed it out loud before going back into the song.

That was just making the song.  We then decided to make it our music video.  First release on our new EP Poor Troubled Life.  I’m  just going to sum it up quick…awesome…jumping in a freezing pool…the freezing ocean…waking up at 5 AM…building the stage you see us rock out on and various other problems…I even threw up getting off the boat…land sickness, I don’t know ???  It was so much fun and would love to do it forever.  There is nothing better than being on a boat with your best buds and being a total ass!

It was an awesome time making this song and video for your eyes and ears.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and laugh as hard as we do every time we watch it!

– Sir Captain Jones