Lexington Field Mayor Tom

New Music Video!!!

Have you seen the new music video from Lexington Field? Well, if you haven’t, then it is time to check it out. We just released it April 11, 2012! It is an amazing video produced and edited by our friends, Miles, Trevor, Derek, Matt, Terri, Ruth, and Jess, and of course ‘the hooligan’, our very own bass player, Casey Jones! I really didn’t know what to expect from this music video, but I was highly impressed by the whole thing. Considering that from the get go, things were a bit harry. It started out pretty rough when we found out the morning we were supposed to shoot the video that we had half the time allotted that was originally negotiated and had to quickly get the band shots. However…. with Miles and Trevor handling the cameras, we were able to get a number of takes and complete it in the short time we were given.

Captain Jones & Jess

I, unfortunately did not have the privilege of partaking in the rest of the video shooting, but was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. Miles and Trevor really worked their magic with setting up the cameras for the pool and bay shots, hilarious by the way. And Beau, Vince, and others helped set the scene and story for the video. Great job by all of you! And of course we cannot forget about the main characters, Casey Jones and Jess. They both really pulled it off and acted quite perfectly for their roles portrayed in the video. I especially enjoyed the Titanic scene with a twist. That apparently was tricky to film because from what I hear Vince rowed Miles up in a small boat with the camera moving around all over the place, but luckily did not end up in the water. One of my favorite parts of the video is when the pool man drinks the pool cleaner and spits it up in the air, once again very silly and funny! I think the best part is that it is Casey doing all this and he does it very well.

The end result of this music video turned out quite amazing. I was very pleased with the color and clear picture that came through and all the great shots of each band member. I look forward to the next music video. They continue to improve and really portray Lexington Field music!!! Thank you to everyone that participated in the forefront and behind the scenes!

We are playing at the Tin Can Alehouse on Thursday, April 19 with Decker, Heavy Glow, and V-Draco so check it out! This will be a new venue for Lexington Field. We look forward to the show. See you there!

– Cami Smith