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Only slightly about Wesley Willis…

rftcSo Beau has given me some space to do some writing on here, and I thought I’d take this chance to introduce myself by talking about the first album I ever bought.

Back when I was a snot -nosed kid, I snuck out of a dentist appointment and ran down the street to Gary’s Record Paradise in Escondido. (That’s a pretty good story by itself, come find me at a show and I’ll tell you the whole thing!)

Anyways, I got the store’s last copy of Scream, Dracula Scream by San Diego legends Rocket From the Crypt. I cannot fully describe how much this group of songs shaped my life and love of rock music. All these years later, I still blast this thing a few times a month; it never gets old. The energy is infectious, and it somehow manages to find a bridge between punk rock, 50’s rock n’ roll, and the sounds of Stax-style soul.

This album makes me happy in a way no other album ever has. I’m not sure if its just because it’s the first thing I bought without my parents hovering over me, or how I’ve realized the more my bass tone sounds like Petey X’s the more experienced I get.

If you don’t know Rocket From the Crypt, stop watching re-runs on Netflix and blast this album on Spotify or something. Don’t shuffle it; listen to it in the order God intended.

I’ll see you soon for I want it bat way…