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No Man’s War is #5 on Irish Punk’s Best of 2013

Another list was announced today!  The very cool site IRISH PUNK ( put out their Top 10 Best Albums of 2013 and No Man’s War ranked #5!!!  This is our highest ranking yet for a full length album and we are so excited to be recognized again in the growing Celtic Rock community.  The Tossers took the top spot with The Emerald City and our HepTown Records label mates Sir Reg’s 21st Century Loser finished at #4.  Thanks to all the staff at Irish Punk for the love!

Here is a link to the post at Irish Punk:

Here is their Top 10 Best Albums of 2013:
1. The Tossers – The Emerald City Read Review
2. Bodh’aktan – Tant qu’il restera du rhum
3. Irish Moutarde – Raise ‘Em All Read Review
4. Sir Reg – 21st Century Loser Read Review
5. Lexington Field- No Man’s War Read Review
6. The Lagan – Where’s Your Messiah Now Read Review
7. Bastards On Parade – Empty Bottles & Broken Things Read Review
8. Dropkick Murphys – Signed and Sealed In Blood Read Review
9. Tortilla Flat – The Great Escape
10. Brutus Daughters – Beating Beyond Folk Ashes