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The CD Release Show – Part One

Ok, let me tell you how this works … Every week we practice on Wednesday night in a tiny blue shack called YORE Studio located just off of Rosecrans behind San Diego’s very own “Nude Girls.” Most people would mistake this tiny little shack as an old abandoned drug den with a pretty blue paint job but, if you happened to drive by it with your windows down, lets say around 9ish, you may if you’re lucky hear some good old fashioned American Fiddle Rock resonating from its walls. For a year and a half, we made this shack our home on Wednesday nights writing what would eventually become No Mans War. We argued, we wasted endless amounts of time, we drank , we cancelled and showed up late, we watched Casey break instrument after instrument and yet somehow we were able to write what we collectively feel is our best album to date.

Flash forward: Sunday night, May 26th, 2013 at the Belly Up Tavern
No Man’s War Cd Release Show w/ Cash’d Out.

I carpooled with Cami that night so that after the show I could get tanked and have my generous and loving wife drive me home. She loves that about me, I’m always planning. JK, she really didn’t have a choice because I pulled the husband card on her ass. Vince spent the whole day making from scratch what I believe is the best merchandise display case on the planet. At our next show please check it out and please buy something; Fiddle Rock isn’t cheap!!! Now I am pretty sure that Casey slept for a record 18 hours leading up to the show and yet he was still tired when he got to the venue, go figure … Beau our illustrious front man did his front man duties at home with his lovely girlfriend Amy which included photoshoots in his tighty whiteys (okay, that’s just speculation), he had his hair permed and he had a mani-pedi (once again, speculation). Cami on the other hand sat at home eating beef jerky, drinking whiskey and working out on the bench press … Lol, no she probably watched “Sleepless in Seattle” in a bathrobe while painting her nails and eating Mexican food.

Backstage at Belly Up Tavern photo by Josh Damigo
Backstage at Belly Up Tavern
photo by Josh Damigo

Anyhow, the band showed up in their usual manner poised to play a great rock show. We completed our soundcheck and then we commaddeered the green room as if we were Van Halen. Next up, Pizza from “Pizza Port.” There is nothing else like some good old greasy pizza to help calm the nerves. There was definitely something about those hours leading up to the show which to me seemed more relaxed than usual. We were prepared, confident and we were eager to get up on that stage. Once the doors had opened it was immediately clear to us that the Belly Up was going to be packed and this fueled our excitement even more! As Show time approached we gathered together (minus Cami who was still applying makeup) and we said a little prayer. We then waited anxiously for our intro music to play. Suddenly it began and to the sound of Nintendo’s Legendary Video game “Zelda” we rose beneath the lights…

– Bryan Hane