Awesome Bands! Lexington Field San Diego Music Scene Show Reviews

Ska Punk Shows Are The Best


So, my buddy James and I put together the show at Park Gallery on Saturday.  I have to tell you, it was one of the most fun Lexington Field shows yet!  Park Gallery is a small little art gallery that puts on free shows from time to time.  It is small, cozy and fills up quick.  We decided to get local ska punk acts Thanks Jack and Bucket of Fish, and east county rockers Abject.  The kids showed up, they danced, they moshed, and it was an overall great show.

Thanks Jack opened and got the partied started.  Their horn section couldn’t make it so it was just a three piece.  The songs were catchy and even with out the horns, you could feel the ska.  I was too busy getting things set up to get a pic, but the crowd was loving them and so was I.  Abject came on next and brought an aggressive, melodic punk sound to the show.  These guys were very solid musically and had alot of energy.   You could pick that up from the whole room.  Next up was us, Lexington Field.   It was time to show the kids some American Fiddle Rock!   From song one until Tracy Boys, the crowd moshed, river danced, sang along and showed as much energy as we have ever seen live.  Bryan toughed it out with his knee and couple guys stayed in front to protect him and make sure  no one crashed into me.  The last thing I need is a missing tooth like Sir Captain Jones.  And to see guys singing along to Tracy Boys was so cool.  Bucket of Fish closed out the night.  There style is infectious and catchy and I can see them making a mark in the bigger ska punk world!  They were the perfect ending to the night.

Bucket of Fish

Last year we played Park Gallery and it was great despite all our technical difficulties.  We loved returning this year to play with awesome bands, and to a crowd that was so much fun.  Thanks to James for helping me set it up and hopefully we will be back there in the Fall.  And I will tell you one more thing, I love playing shows with ska bands, the music is great and everyone is out to have a fun time…that’s how it should be!

Please make sure to Abject, Thanks Jack, Bucket of Fish, and the Park Gallery!

– Snow Black