Lexington Field

A Follow Up To Our Previous Post

Due to careful consideration, I want address my previous “Blarney’s Blunder” post from last week, which in turn I have taken down.

I disagreed with how our band was treated after our show there on April 22.  That is my opinion.  A discussion occurred after I wrote my post, and I think valid points were made on both sides.  But, from my perspective, I think the discussion is at a good stopping point at least when it comes to our website and our social media.  It is time to move on from this argument.  Life is too short, and music needs to be played.

All 10 shows we had at the Blarney Stone Pub were great.  The staff, from the bartenders to the security, all treated us top notch.  The patrons were awesome.  They engaged in the shows with humor and would sing along to all the different tunes we would throw their way.   It is the best place in town to really get involved in a show.  That is the truth.  That is why we loved playing there.  These were all fun shows.  I assume that is why we kept getting booked as well, because we did a good job.  Blarney Stone Pub has great shows all the time and we encourage you to go see awesome live music there and enjoy the experience.  We just won’t be one of the bands performing there in the future.  However, a ton of talented musicians will continue to play at the Blarney Stone Pub, and I am sure you will have a great time, just like we did.

It’s about the music, friends.  See you at the next show!