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Big News to Start 2016

Happy New Year Fiddle Rockers!  We have news to spread and 2016 plans are underway!

AJFirst, our good friend AJ Belluto, who had been shredding guitar and banjo with us since 2013, played his last show with the band back in November at the Casbah when we returned from our West Coast Tour.  AJ will continue to play in his two other San Diego bands: stoner rock heavyweights Desert Suns (guitar) and the doom metal outfit Beira (drums).  It was an honor to share the stage with such a talented musician and friend and we wish him nothing but luck and good times in Desert Suns and Beira!

WTSecond, we are headed back into the studio to record a new album!!!  We will be headed up north this weekend for the first of a few sessions to record a new acoustic EP with our good friend Matt Maulding at Weathertop Studio.  This has been an idea stirring around for years and we are real excited to finally make it happen!   We will be choosing songs from our back catalog and give them a new life with different arrangements, emotion, and possibly exploring different melodies on a few.   More details on the songs, album title, and artwork will be coming out soon.  It is going to be awesome!

Finally, the last couple years have been a transitional, exciting, challenging era for Lexington Field.  Tom and Olivia joined the band, AJ added an element of rock guitar we just had to explore, we played tons of shows, went on another major tour, and recorded what we feel is a a true fiddle rock album in Greenwood.  We were navigating in a new genre, pretty much making it up on the spot, which was difficult and liberating at the same time.  We gained valuable experience and really matured as a band and as friends.  That chapter in Lexington Field has come to a conclusion.  The future of our fiddle rock incorporates so many influences from Celtic Rock to Folk Punk that we don’t want to abandon as we keep moving forward into 2016 and beyond.  It is time to rock the pubs, sing the drinking songs at the top of our lungs, get back to the roots of Lexington Field and above all, have a good time!  We are not about making a statement, we are about creating fun music.  This is a new chapter of Lexington Field, who will embrace our Tracy Boys, our pirates, our whiskey-fueled songs and everything that makes us your favorite fiddle rock band from San Diego.  Our new acoustic EP is just the beginning to what will be a great year!

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P.S. We have shows coming up at the Blarney Stone (Fri, Jan 22), O’Sullivan’s (Thurs, Jan 28), and Rosie O’Grady’s (Sat, Feb 6)