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No Man’s War made the Shite n’ Onions Best of 2013


With 2013 coming to an end, we saw our latest full length NO MAN’S WAR, make numerous Best of 2013 lists from respected Celtic Rock sites from around the world.  Next up was SHITE N’ ONIONS, where we didn’t crack the top five, but still made the list under the Best of the Rest category.  We will take it!  With so many awesome albums released in 2013 it is truly an honor to be recognized.

Here is a link to the post at Shite N’ Onions:

The Best of the Best:
#1 – Joint) Ferocious Dog: Ferocious Dog
#1 – Joint) The Kidney Stones: Tales & Anecdotes for the Slightly Deranged
#1 – Joint) The Tossers: Emerald City
#2) Bastards on Parade: Empty Bottles & Broken Things
#3) SIR REG: 21st Century Loser
#4) The Pogues – in Paris
#5) Continental: All a Man Can Do

The Best of the Rest:
Fiddler’s Green: Winners and Boozers
Lexington Field: No Man’s War
Meisce: Spirits and Spectres
The Vandon Arms: No Loyalty Among Thieves
The Indulgers: Whiskey Tonight
McDermotts 2 Hours: Anticlockwise
Handsome Young Strangers: Thunderbolt EP
The Fatty Farmers: Refarmatory
The Tosspints: Have You Been Drinking?
Jasper Coal: Drowning the Shamrock
Tin Can Hooley: Racket in the Parlor
Kevin Flynn & The Avondale Ramblers: The Broken Pavement of Avondale