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No Man’s War is #6 on Paddy Rock’s Best of 2013

Our good friend John, who runs the awesome Celtic Rock site PADDY ROCK, has put together his Top 25 Celtic Rock & Punk albums of 2013.  We are super excited to announce that No Man’s War was ranked #6!!!   There were so many awesome releases this year and we would like to give a shout out to our label mates SIR REG getting #1 with their kick ass album 21st Century Loser and to our SoCal brothers the BRICK TOP BLAGGERS making the Top 10 with their sophmore release Two Years Enough at #8!  It is one hell of a list and we are honored to make the Top 10 this year.  Cheers!

Here is the link to the post over at Paddy Rock:

Here is the Top 25:
01 – 21st Century Loser by Sir Reg
02 – The Emerald City by The Tossers
03 – The Broken Pavement of Avondale by Kevin Flynn & The Avondale Ramblers
04 – No Loyalty Among Thieves by The Vandon Arms
05 – Signed and Sealed In Blood by Dropkick Murphys
06 – No Man’s War by Lexington Field
07 – Fire It Up by The Narrowbacks
08 – Two Years Enough by Brick Top Blaggers
09 – Winners & Boozers by Fiddler’s Green
10 – New Hazardous Design by The Biblecode Sundays
11 – The Modest Revolution by Enter The Haggis
12 – The Red and the Green by The Wakes
13 – Empty Bottles & Broken Things by Bastards On Parade
14 – Tales From The Docks by Paddy and The Rats
15 – Where’s Your Messiah Now? – The Lagan
16 – Tiocfaidh Ar La by The Dead Rabbits
17 – This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things by Barleyjuice
18 – Beating Beyond Folk Ashes by Brutus’ Daughters
19 – Raise ‘Em All by Irish Moutarde
20 – Refarmatory by The Fatty Farmers
21 – Have You Been Drinking? by The Tosspints
22 – Everyday’s St Patrick’s Day! by Celkilt
23 – La Cigale Unplugged by The Moorings
24 – Wanted Drunk & Alive by The Royal Spuds
25 – Drowning The Shamrock by Jasper Coal