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And…We’re Off!

imageHello Lexington Field fans!  Wow, it has been a while since we have written a blog.  It has been quite a year with Beau getting engaged and planning a wedding and both of us working full time.  We have also welcomed our sixth member in the band as a second electric guitar and banjo player, Anthony Belluto.  We have been off the map for a while, but we are back and on our 2013 “No Man’s War” tour!  We just finished our first day of tour and are on to Day 2.

The trip from San Diego to Prescott, AZ was very mellow and felt very long.  That may have something to do with averaging 3-5 hours of sleep per night for the last week.  I have been very busy with wrapping up things at work and my brother moving to San Diego.  It was quiet with the guys sleeping and Vince taking on driving for the first day of the tour.

imageWhen we arrived in Prescott, we had time to run to the hotel, get ready and head to the venue.  Hooligan’s Pub was a unique bar upstairs from another bar.  The stage was small, but a great location to the audience because they sat at the bar, looked up and Lexington Field was right there.  This was the second time I’ve been to Hooligan’s.  I traveled around Arizona a couple years ago as a vacation and to look for venues for the band.  I ran across Hooligan’s and thought it was a great place to play.  Here we are two years later playing that venue.

imageI was looking forward to this show because my friends from Phoenix were able to drive and stay for part of the show.  Andrea and Mandy arrived about the time we ordered our food from the Brewing Company.  We had a chance to catch up for a few minutes and then headed over to rock out Hooligan’s.  It was a small crowd at first, but picked up quite quickly.  It became a great show by the middle with a group of people dancing with me on the dance floor.  We definitely brought the rock to Hooligan’s and Porter (manager) loved it!  At the end of the show, I met the owners of the Pub and they seemed to really enjoy it.  This was definitely an amazing start to our 2013 “No Man’s War” tour!  Looking forward to Day 2.