Awesome Bands! Recording San Diego Music Scene Show Reviews

Cellar Door

The Lovebirds

Cathryn Beeks did this rad stop motion video to the new Lovebirds song “Cellar Door” from their brand new album and a one, and a two.  Love the song, and love the video…well done Cathryn!  By the way, we went to the Ruby Room last night for their CD Release show and it was such a great time!  Sister Speak (with our new friend Tolan Shaw on guitar) opened the show.  They set the mood perfectly.  Next up were special guests Berkley Hart.  We hadn’t seen Jeff since the studio so it was cool to see him again and hear those sweet folk songs.  Jeff also recorded The Lovebirds around the same time as us, and he took the stage to play guitar with them, another special treat. The Lovebirds came on to a big and welcoming crowd and serenaded us with their indie folk goodness. The night started with Burger Lounge and ended with great music, now that is how Thursdays should be.  Buy the new album and a one, and a two, see the Lovebirds on tour now, and don’t forget to watch the video! And watch out for Josh Damigo…he grabs asses, allegedly.