Awesome Bands! Lexington Field Recording San Diego Music Scene

and a one, and a two

As many of you know by now, we recorded our brand new album, No Man’s War, with Jeff Berkley at his home studio called Berkley Sound.  At the same time we were tracking, there was another band he was working with who was recording their sophomore album as well.  They are called The Lovebirds, they are also based out of San Diego, and their new album is AMAZING!  We had the privilege to hear snippets of songs from time to time as we were chillin in the studio, and were blown away.  The Lovebirds consist of Veronica May and Lindsay White, two incredible talents on there own, so imagine when they join forces!  Veronica also sang harmonies on most of the No Man’s War songs too and gave them such character and depth.  It was an honor to have her sing on our record.  In the meantime you have to hear The Lovebirds’ new album, “and a one, and a two”, and go to the Ruby Room this Thursday to celebrate the release!  We will be there for the party too!