Lexington Field Recording San Diego

Recording “No Man’s War”

Day two of recording the fiddle is complete! I just cannot believe how smooth everything went in the studio. Working with Jeff Berkley was a blessing. I walked in ready to play my parts and that is exactly what happened. I forgot to check the tones of the violin the first day, but did that today and WOW! What a sound! I was highly impressed and loved the full tone coming from my fiddle. The one ribbon microphone picked up everything and made my fiddle sing. A friend and fellow singer songwriter stopped in today and commented on my playing and how the violin sounded like another vocal part, which is exactly what I wanted when writing my parts to the songs. Since there is one main vocal, I like to play a counter melody or harmony part that blends with the vocals. I think these melodies will really shine on this album because there are some rockin’ sounds throughout. There are some real killer songs on this album that I cannot wait to share with all of you. I’m sure we will give you a sneak peak in the New Year! Happy New Year!!!