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“Poor Troubled Life” gets #5!!!

cfpCELTIC-FOLK-PUNK, one of the best websites in the world dedicated to said genres, just named our EP Poor Troubled Life #5 in the Best EPs of 2012 list!  Thanks for including us among many other awesome bands! If you like “Poor Troubled Life”, just wait, “No Man’s War” is gonna knock your socks off!  Also, our friends Delilah’s Revenge from Colorado, who we rocked Scruffy’s in Denver back on the Midwest Missile Tour, came in at #7!  Way to go guys!

There are many websites that take care of our special genre across the world including Paddy Rock, Shite N’ Onions, Celtic-Folk-Punk, Irish Punk and so many more.  They dedicate their time to listen to our music, write reviews and spread the word on all the latest new from all the bands and we can’t thank them enough for putting in that work.  We will do a post this weekend about the Paddy Rock list that was announced last week.  Hint, hint, Poor Troubled Life made that one too 🙂

Here is the complete Top 24 list of EPs and link to the blog post…

1  Black Tartan Clan  “Standing Strong”
2  Celkilt  “Hey! What’s Under Your Kilt!”
3  Chanter’s Alley  “Broken”
4  Bastards on Parade  “Shallow Waters”
5  Lexington Field  “Poor Troubled Life”
6  The Rijsel Irish BoyZ    “s/t”
7  Delilah’s Revenge  “s/t”
8  To The Last Drop  “s/t”

9  Drunken Fairy Tales  “You Will Never Drink Alone”
10  Belly Bluster  “La Ciurma”
11  Nevermind Nessie  “s/t”
12  3 Sheets t’Wind  “Break from Tradition”
13  Handsome Young Strangers  “Thunderbolt”
14  The Beer Barons  “s/t”
15  Finnegan’s Hell  “s/t”
16  Circle J  “Diggers”

17  Loch Nesz  “The Monster’s Close”
18  Les Tricards    “Ma Revolution”
19  Auld Corn Brigade  “Our Flag”
20  Gerap Gurita    “Atas Nama”
21  Tom Fooligans  “Five Rounds”
22  The Working Class Symphony  “Satu Jiwa”
23  The Detonators  “R’n’R Keeps Me Alive”
24  Strawdaze  “Senza Rotta”