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Fiddling Away!!!

Natalie MacMaster

You haven’t heard anything until you’ve heard Natalie MacMaster “fiddle away” on the fiddle! This woman is amazing and so talented. She is my idol when it comes to playing the fiddle! I’ve listened to her a lot lately so that I can be inspired to write my own jigs and reels. I admire her because she is not only great playing the fiddle, but is married to another fiddle player, has 4 children, and has traveled the world with her playing. She has played with many other famous musicians and been on a number of programs on television and radio. There are two songs that I’m extremely inspired by and cannot wait to add them to our sets.  I’m inspired by many musicians and teachers in my life, but watching Natalie play on YouTube just gets the fire sparked in me to go and write my own jigs! Most of her tunes are upbeat, which is in line with my Chi and spirit. I love the melodic ballads, but upbeat has me moving and shaking in shows, which tends to inspire the crowd! It is so uplifting to hear her play and then go play a show that inspires everyone around me. I too as Natalie quotes in her bio “I work through my music, to strike a proper balance between life and work wherever possible.”

I grew up playing fiddle music and then went off to school first in Psychology and quickly found Music Therapy to be the field for me. Through school and even after school I didn’t play my fiddle as much because I learned to play the guitar and other instruments for music therapy work, but when I moved to San Diego I found my love for playing as a rocker and soon found the American Fiddle Rock band that I currently play with. I had always kept up my playing of the violin through symphonies and orchestras, but didn’t find my true calling as a fiddler until about 4 years ago when I found Lexington Field. I’ve always had a great passion for my violin/fiddle and loved playing it, but inspiring others through my music and expressing myself through playing is completely fulfilling!!!! I also use my fiddle to play for some of my clients and even use it with some of my clients for improved fine motor skills and sustained attention in music therapy sessions. Who are you inspired by musically? We would love to hear your feedback!!  Fiddle away Natalie MacMaster because I will always listen and be inspired by you. Check out Volcanic Jig and NPG on her “Yours Truly” album.

– Cami Smith