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A Tooth Made To Disappear

Sir Captain Jones
I know you guys will miss my crooked smile and missing tooth, but yesterday I started the process of fixing this beat up mug of mine. I have to say, this was the most painful thing ever and this is coming from a guy who broke his neck. If you ever heard of anyone saying an implant is not painful, then they have never had one done.

First, they cut away from my gum to expose my upper jaw bone. Then they grinded some parts down and drilled into my jaw bone just making a hole. After the hole was made, and another x-ray to make sure it was in the right place they get the implant. It’s like a screw, so then they screw that in and guess how…with a fucking torque wrench! FYI, I used a torque wrench on my brakes this weekend. Then they sew it up and now I wait till my gum heals so they can put the tooth on!

I’m super excited to have this finally done and I apologize to all you fans who love me rocking with that hillbilly smile of mine. Thanks for the love and support from my friends and family helping me through this pain. See you guys soon!

– Casey Jones

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