Awesome Bands! San Diego Music Scene

Folk Rock Never Sounded So Good!

we ain’t got no place to go
so let’s go to the punk rock show
darling take me by the hand
we’re gonna see a punk rawk band
there’s no use in tv shows

radio or rodeos
i wanna get into the crowd
i wanna hear it played real loud

I’ve been listening to Mike’s (from MxPx) new band Tumbledown, and finally they were coming to San Diego!   Beau went and saw them a few days before, knowing he couldn’t go when they were here and gave them our two albums, Old Dirt Road and our new EP, Poor Troubled Life.  I figured I’d go down and remind him to listen to the CDs and watch his new band Tumbledown rock the Casbah.  I enjoyed the show!   They were like if MxPx was born in Texas.  It was good old Mike playing guitar like Johnny Cash and singing the great melodies of MxPx…I Ioved it!  That wasn’t the best part of the show though.  I’d only heard the name of the band called DRAG THE RIVER, never looked them up on You Tube, or heard one of their songs, I just knew the name.  I was blown away!  The hair on my arms stood up with the lead singer’s voice.  It was raw and full of guts and heart.  It gave me the feeling of Gas Light Anthem and Hot Water Music unplugged.  DTR took requests from the drunken crowd all night and it was a show everyone will remember, including yours truly.  If you have only heard of Drag the River, I suggest you go look them up, get drunk, and tell me it’s not great American music!

Sir Captain Jones

Drag The River

p.s. The photos were taken by Snow Black when he went up to Hollywood to see these great bands rock The Mint!