Awesome Bands!

The Ramshackle Army

So, recently I met Gaz, lead singer from this awesome Celtic Punk band out of Melbourne, Australia called The Ramshackle Army.  The advantages of Facebook is that you can network to people throughout the world!  The Ramshackle Army are awesome and just put out a new EP called “Life Lessons and Drunken Lessons”.  Hopefully when we finally make it to Australia we can tour with them and vice versa when they come to the states!   Keep up the good work Gaz and we will see you guys soon!  Also, Paddy Rock just did a cool review of their new album here…and Lexington Field will be announcing some news soon that is connected to the Ramshackle Army, so stay tuned!

Check them out at and here is their new music video for “Uprising Young Citizen”:


– written by Snow Black