Awesome Bands! Lexington Field

Smore Core

A weekend off of shows means a trip to Las Vegas! Vegas is quite a town. For the most part though it has been a place I go to 2-3 times a year to visit my dad. Unfortunately, but a definite money saver, Vegas is more place to visit than the moniker Sin City. Lexington Field has been to Vegas to play a few shows and it has always been a good time.

Last fall we came out to play the Double Down Saloon, a punk bar with a shitty PA, but a great crowd and vibe.  That was the same show of the infamous Casey-throwing-up-in-midsong incident.  Also on the show were our friends the Happy Campers. The Campers are a well known, well traveled, and awesome punk band. Isaac, their lead singer, and I go way back to my Troy’s Bucket days when the Schampers and the Bucket played a UCLA frat party, and other fun punk shows across the Southwest US. It was great to be able to share the stage with them again back in 2010 and hopefully we will play more shows with them in the near future.  If you like punk, great songs, and appreciate tireless work ethic, then check out the Happy Campers -Vegas legends!!!

On a side note, on that same Vegas trip we stayed at Terrible’s…and let’s just say the name was appropriate.  But at least it was cheap and entertaining.  We played a Renaissance Festival with the Tossers, the Mahones, and Seven Nations too!  Bucket list check for any Irish punk band.  Vegas never ceases to amaze me and I can’t wait for Lexington Field to get back here and rock out again!  In the meantime, a beer and lounging at the pool will have to do…

– written by Snow Black