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Lexington Field Live: Epicentre

Hey guess what?  We have a really big show this Saturday!   Lexington Field will be playing their first show at the Mira Mesa all-ages venue the Epicentre.  We haven’t done many all-ages shows, but that is gonna change soon and it starts this Saturday, July 16.  Also on the show are some pretty good bands including A Lot Like Birds (Doghouse Records), I the Mighty (Equal Vision Records), The Calefaction (rocked with us at our “Music Video Release Party), Idlehands, Silent Vice, and The Maul Shoppe. Tickets are just $10 and you can get them presale from us.  Just send an email to info@lexingtonfield.com!   This is our big San Diego show of the summer so we hope everyone, young and old, comes out to the party at the Epicentre this Saturday and show them what Irish American Folk Punk is all about!