Beau Knows Favorite Songs Lexington Field



So, with some spare time this weekend I decided it was time to put together a music video for our song “Rumors” off our new album GREENWOOD!  I took some footage and photos that Jeremy shot last year when we played the Electric Chair Anniversary Party and put a montage together of what Lexington Field is now – a fiddle rock band that takes no prisoners.   Big shout out to Paul and my sister Amanda for including us in the show!   There is also footage I took of us recording the album earlier this year with Jeremy.  “Rumors” is one of my favorite songs off Greenwood.  I wrote the song last year in Indianapolis when we were there for my wedding.  I had gone for a walk with Amy and my brother Derek and there were fireflies everywhere.  They inspired the line

They catch the fireflies, watch night turn to day

When we got back to San Diego, I showed the band at the next practice and, I kid you not, this song came to life within 20 minutes.  It was seamless.   The song is catchy and has all the elements you would want in a true fiddle rock song.  My good friend Matt Maulding, from the the Brick Top Blaggers, even blessed us with his accordion skills for the instrumental, punk part of the song.  It came out great and was exactly what we needed for that part.  “Rumors” is a song in our regular rotation now and you will definitely see it live at all our shows, but if you can’t wait, then here is the video to enjoy now!