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No Man’s War is #7 on CFP’s Best of 2013

It’s that time of year again when the “Best of” lists come out.  Last week No Man’s War ranked #6 on Paddy Rock’s annual list.  One of the other main Celtic Rock sites, and one of our favorites is CELTIC-FOLK-PUNK based out of Spain.  Well, guess what?  No Man’s War made the Top 10 again, coming it at #7!   We are so honored to be recognized by these sites who really do a stand-up job helping our eclectic music community around the world.  One of the best bands in the genre, The Tossers, who we had the privilege to share the stage with a few years ago, took the top spot with their album The Emerald City.   Our brothers from Orange County, Brick Top Blaggers, came in at #6 for their awesome album Two Years Enough, and our friends and label mates, SIR REG, also made the Top 10 by taking #8 with 21st Century Loser.  Also, our friends Delilah’s Revenge from Boulder, Colorado who we played with in Denver these past two years ranked #21 with their self titled debut.  So many great albums were released this year, and thanks to Waldo of CELTIC-FOLK-PUNK for the special shout out!

Here is the link to the post over at CELTIC-FOLK-PUNK:

Here is the Top 35:
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