New music is on the way. A new focus on 2016 has emerged and taken root. Things are looking bright in the world of Lexington Field! We have always wanted to record an “acoustic” album.  REDWOOD is our chance to reinvent some of our past material in a way that makes these songs sound refreshed…

No Man’s War Sessions Part Five

A little delayed, but here is Part Five of our No Man’s War video blog sessions. Part Five features Beau Gray talking about his experience recording the vocals for our new album!  It was one of the quickest and most productive vocal recording sessions in Lexington Field history.  Beau cranked out 11 songs over 3…

“Poor Troubled Life” gets #5!!!

CELTIC-FOLK-PUNK, one of the best websites in the world dedicated to said genres, just named our EP Poor Troubled Life #5 in the Best EPs of 2012 list!  Thanks for including us among many other awesome bands! If you like “Poor Troubled Life”, just wait, “No Man’s War” is gonna knock your socks off!  Also,…

No Man’s War

Every person faces challenges in their own life, and whether or not we overcome them isn’t important. It’s how we are changed by them that defines us. This album is about that transformation. We are excited to announce the title of our new album, arriving in Spring of 2013…NO MAN’S WAR

Poor Troubled Life Sessions – Part Three

Want to see how we made our new EP “Poor Troubled Life”? We put together an eight part series documenting this trying, but fun experience. Part Three features Beau and Bryan tracking acoustic guitar!

Poor Troubled Life Sessions – Part Two

Here is Part Two of a series of video blogs we are doing to document the recording sessions of our new EP on New Folk Records called “Poor Troubled Life” set to come out in early 2012. Part Two features Sir Captain Casey Jones laying down the bass tracks!